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Sen. Harmon reacts to Gov. Rauner's budget proposal

Sen. Harmon reacts to the governor's budget plan


Harmon urges women to take heart health seriously

RedForWomenResizedIn honor of American Hearth Month, state Senator Don Harmon joined his colleagues to spread awareness of heart disease in women.

Each year, one in three women's deaths is due to heart disease and stroke. However, 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes. Women's heart attack warning signs can be different than men's. Women may experience nausea, jaw and neck pain or flu-like symptoms.

"More American women die from heart disease than any other cause," Harmon said. "I want to do my part to make sure the women in our communities know about the risks and what they can do to protect themselves."

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Harmon issues statement about Gov. Rauner’s first State of the State speech

State Of The State 2015State Sen. Don Harmon issued the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner's 2015 State of the State address:

"One of the points Gov. Rauner has hit home over the past few weeks is that the income of most Illinois families is too low. I'm not sure we agree on the solution, but we do agree on the problem.

"I'm pleased that the governor recognizes our tax system is antiquated. I hope that he will reconsider his support for an unfair flat tax and embrace instead our Fair Tax proposal. Lowering taxes for working families is one proven way to raise their take-home pay and standard of living.

"If we modernize our tax code to keep up with states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky, we can be more competitive for good-paying jobs and more compassionate for children and seniors."

Illinois to have permanent same-day voter registration

VotingBoothRSPRINGFIELD – A new law will make voting even easier in 2016. Modeled after a successful 2014 pilot program, it allows same day registration on Election Day and extended early voting.

“Our democracy is stronger when more people participate,” said State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park), the measure’s sponsor. “Our laws should make voting as easy as it can be. Same-day voter registration and expanded early voting are helping bring Illinois into the 21st century.”

Under the new law, people will be able to register and vote on Election Day. In Illinois’ larger counties (with populations over 100,000), voters will be able to register at their local precincts. In smaller counties that lack the resources to handle in-precinct registration, same day registration will be available in the county clerk’s main office and certain large towns.

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Harmon supports special election for state comptroller

053014CM0421RSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Don Harmon, who has long championed making elections more open and accessible to the people, believes that voters should be able to pick Illinois’ comptroller.

“The voters are entitled to make their voices heard in a special election for comptroller,” the Oak Park Democrat said. “Our democracy works best when people rather than politicians make decisions like this, which is one of the reasons I’ve fought so hard to make it easier to vote.”

The General Assembly returned to the State Capitol on Thursday for a special session to consider a special election for comptroller in 2016. The meeting was necessary due to the untimely death of Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. Because she passed away so soon after the recent election, Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner could appoint her successor to a full term. Harmon and others believe that the people should be able to elect their choice in comptroller at the next general election.

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